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Body Language Quiz Answers:


– In which position are people more likely to trust you and like you?

When you are to their left

When you are to their right

When you are opposite them

In any of these positions, it makes no difference

Answer: People are more likely to trust you and like you when you are to their right (so they look to their right when looking at you). This is true in most cases – though this is assuming that most people are right-handed (if the person is left-handed, it’s less predictable).

There are also a few nuances about where to sit when you’re trying to have a good impact on someone depending on whether it’s a man or a woman.  More on this in the next few days.


– What proportion of your communication is non-verbal?

About 93%

Between 60% and 75%

About 7%

Between 7% and 38%

Answer:  Most body language researchers seem to agree it is between 60% and 75%.
There is a myth going around that only 7% of communication is verbal.  This totally incorrect statistic is spread and rehashed by “experts” who generalize and misinterpret an old study by Albert Mehrabian.  More on how you can use this to your advantage a little later.


– Which of these situations is most likely to show that a person is interested in you?

Directly looking at you, one hand on their hip, the other holding
their drink in front of them, and smilingSmiling broadly, their hands resting on their crossed legs, and
looking at you direclyPassing their hands through their hair, directly looking at you,
and smiling

Answer:  When this person is passing their hands through their hair, directly looking at you, and smiling.

In the other two situations, the person has a closed posture – either holding something in front of them or having their legs crossed.

A closed posture suggests the person is probably not fully comfortable communicating – whether it’s just with you, they’re not a “social type”, or some other reason.

Passing their hands through their hair can also be a preening sign that people tend to unconsciously use when they see someone they find attractive.

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