Depending on your reasons for wanting to understand body language, check these suggestions of where you’ll find information I have personally found helpful.

Some resources are not directly related to reading body language but provide excellent help with better connecting with people, presenting yourself in remarkable hype-free ways, boosting your confidence, and feeling a sense of personal meaning and fulfillment.

Disclosure:  Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that if you decide to make a purchase from the sites I am linking to, I will earn a commission (at no additional cost to you).  Please note I recommend these resources because I have experience with them and believe they are helpful and useful.  But only invest in these products if you feel they will help you achieve your own unique goals.


How the World Sees You:

An insightful method to work out your natural advantages to present yourself in a way that feels authentic and also captures people’s attention – without posing or pretending to be someone you’re not.

Like many books of this style, you’ll be encouraged to visit the author’s website and buy other products and tests.  You can probably discover your own style just by reading the book, but if you feel you need to dig more into it after reading the book, I suggest you only invest in the “Fascination Advantage Assessment” at least to start with.

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The Introvert Advantage:

Many people who want to better understand others tend to feel like an odd-ball in social situations.  In many cases, they are simply introverts without knowing it – or without understanding how to use their natural way of connecting with people.

This book is for you if you like to listen more than to talk, enjoy having uninterrupted time alone, or easily feel drained when there is a lot going on.  It will help you understand who you are and how to feel more comfortable and confident meeting people, making presentations, attending parties, and any other social contact you might currently dread.

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Understand Others and Attract More Appreciation:

A small community of people truly interested in connecting with others in a honest respectful way.

This is my contribution, it’s free and you only need your email address to get it immediately. I’ll occasionally send updates on new research and answer frequent questions.

Understand People and Attract More Appreciation – Click here to learn how.


Final note:

If you’re looking for resources for a specific situation for which you’re having a hard time finding a solution, please send me a message in the contact page and I’ll do my best to help you find the best information for your unique situation.

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