Is This For You?

This is NOT the right place for you if you’re looking for shortcuts to manipulate people or think reading body language is some sort of magic bullet to making people like you.  But…

You are in the right place if:

– You are a reserved person looking for ways to respectfully and honestly connect with others;

– You often feel the need to “act extrovert” though you don’t really know what to say and it doesn’t feel right;

– You’re an entrepreneur or small business owner who feels uncomfortable with the hype of selling and marketing all around us and wants better ways to be honest in business yet be profitable;

– You know deep inside that you’re capable of so much more but something’s stopping you from reaching your full potential.

Here’s How You Can Benefit:

All the above describes me at various stages in my professional and personal life.

I help introverts, honest business owners, and overwhelmed but sincere souls understand others, understand themselves better, and receive the respect, understanding, and rewards they deserve.  (In business and in their private life.)

While this site focuses on body language signs, reading body language is just one aspect of communication that can help improve your confidence and ability to naturally and honestly connect with people without being taken advantage of.

Most of my work is through consulting with small business owners who need to attract a regular flow of new customers who “get them”– and coaching with introverts who need someone who actually understands them.

If this of interest to you, you can contact me by email – no obligations: or by using the form below.

All the best,

– Ian


Here’s how to contact me:

Simply fill in your details and tell me your most pressing challenge in the form below and click the ‘Send’ button.  I’ll do my best to help.