How To Read Body Language

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Reading body language correctly…

And using its influence ethically…

Can Earn You the Respect and Understanding You Deserve

Can you read what people feel?
Do you understand how they see you?
And how to truly connect with them?

Here’s what I’ve leaned that works for me.

Take the quiz now:
1– In which position are people more likely to feel comfortable with you and like you?

When you are to their left
When you are to their right
When you are opposite them
In any of these positions, it makes no difference

2– What proportion of your communication is non-verbal?
About 93%
Between 60% and 75%
About 7%
Between 7% and 38%

3– Which of these situations is most likely to show that a person is interested in you?
Directly looking at you, one hand on their hip, the other holding their drink in front of them, and smiling
Smiling broadly, their hands resting on their crossed legs, and looking at you direcly
Passing their hands through their hair, directly looking at you, and smiling

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